September 4, 2022 • 5:30 pm

Missions Update and Message from the Loeschers

Scripture: Psalm 8

Speaker: Dr. Walter Loescher

Synopsis: Tonight our missionaries, Drs. Walter and Carol Loescher, share a missions update of their work in France. Then Dr. Walter shares a challenge from Psalm 8.

February 18, 2018 • 11:00 am

God's Greatness & Goodness


Speaker: Dr. Walter Loescher

Synopsis: God's greatness and goodness motivate praise and worship. Our missionary, Dr. Walter Loescher, had the privilege of being the first preacher to preach in our brand new church as today is the first day we held worship services in the new building. Providentially, he was able to fill in for our pastor who had laryngitis.