May 13, 2018 • 5:00 pm

Lessons in Grace from Grace, Part 2

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:20—2:11

Speaker: Pastor Miguel Betancourt II

Series: Mother's Day

Synopsis: Hannah saw God's grace operative in her life in four areas. From her prayer of praise in chapter 2, we learn five great lessons for every believer, whether a mother like Hannah or not.

May 5, 2019 • 5:30 pm

Teamwork in Missions Work

Scripture: 1 Samuel 30:24

Speaker: Pastor Miguel Betancourt II

Synopsis: What a fabulous missionary text tonight's passage of Scripture is! The parallels are most instructive! Here are three observations worth considering from our text.

June 16, 2019 • 5:30 pm

A Man After God's Own Heart

Scripture: 1 Samuel 13:14

Speaker: Pastor Miguel Betancourt II

Series: Father's Day

Synopsis: Other than possibly Samuel, what is expressly said about David in our text, is not said of any other person in the entire Bible--a man after God's own heart. Yet, David's reputation is stained with two unfortunate and catastrophic choices he made. So how do we justify God labeling David the way He did? What does it mean when God says He is looking for a man after his own heart? Find out in tonight's message.