Corona Virus Announcement - Update

September 8, 2020 update:

We continue to monitor the current situation regarding the Covid-19 issue. We are continuing our plans to run our normal Sunday and Wednesday ministry schedules.

If you have missed any of our previous online worship services, you can find them on our YouTube channel here. On Sunday, June 21, we began live streaming our morning and evening worship services for the benefit of those who do not yet feel comfortable returning to participate onsite in our worship services and for the benefit of those outside our immediate area who would like to worship with us.

We thank you for your patient understanding and intercessions to the Lord for us as we seek the Lord in these matters and desire to move prudently forward. We realize we won't be able to please everyone but we seek to please the Lord in carrying out our shepherding responsibilities as prudently as possible, taking into consideration a wide scope of needs and concerns. Know that we can't wait to see our church family, regular attenders and guests again!

Feel free to contact us if you need to do so. The church office number is 843-277-2007. The phone will be monitored daily.

Be safe and stay healthy. Don't just go through this time, grow through this time. Use this time to develop your own relationship with the Lord. If you need help in establishing one or cultivating one, please contact our pastor.

We will provide further updates as warranted. Thank you for joining us in making this Corona virus issue a matter of prayer. Again, we look forward to seeing you in person as soon as we are able to do so! The Lord bless.